Venus Factor Review 2017 : Does it really work?

Here is an authentic and honest review of the Venus Factor. After a long search online, I stumbled upon this product which is specifically tailored for women. Frankly, when I go through the reviews of such products, they don’t really seem genuine. So, here I am writing an honest review based on my own experience and trust me, I loved it.

venus factor girlWomen have always been super conscious of their appearance and figure. It goes by the saying of satisfying a woman is probably next to impossible. But well, one can give it a shot. Here is a program by the name of the Venus Factor introduced by John Barban which takes you to the road attaining that perfect and ideal look. It’ll give you that amazing physique that you have been longing for.

This is a program that every women must try. It’ll work specifically for your needs and is custom-made as per your requirements. You won’t only lose weight but will also get that perfect body that you always wanted.

Unlike other weight loss programs, this program not only helps you in losing weight but takes a scientific approach and targets at reducing the leptin.


venus factorJohn Barban, an eminent name in the diet and fitness industry invented this program named Venus Factor which is designed specifically for women who want a genuine solution to obesity and have reached nowhere with the random weight loss plans. This program approaches the issue of weight loss differently. It focuses on reducing the quantity of Leptin in the body which is responsible for hunger and hence, weight gain.

It provides the user with specific work out regimes and personalized diet plans. You can attain a long term success graph with this plan. Most weight loss programs tend to work initially but can’t be implemented as a permanent or long term solution.

This program emerges as a path breaking program which ensures long term results.

What do you get in the program?

  • You’ll be getting a main manual which helps you to find out the ideal VIR of your body. The VIR i.e. Venus Index Ratio lets you know for whether you need to lose weight or gain weight. By knowing the VIR, you’ll know about the ideal measurements for your particular body type.

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    This Venus Factor is a perfect Fat Loss system that covers a number of aspects and helps you analyse various things as per your body type. This guide can be used for shedding off those extra pounds. There are many such programs which suggest lesser eating for losing weight but unlike those programs, this program suggests a healthy diet table which guides you to go for the appropriate and healthy eating habits. The calorie intake, specific meals etc. is provided with the diet plans. These are measured as per the calculations based on the weight, height and other measurements. Also, the VF Diet Plan highlights a very important subject Leptin hormone as well.

  • Venus Factor is a 12-week scheduled program which is divided into 3 different phases. These segments are 4 week long. With each plan, a specific workout plan is given. Users are provided with all kinds of assistance in terms of the pictures, videos, textual info etc. so that they may not face any issues with the workout regime.
  • The Venus Community is one of the most highlighted features of this program. By associating yourself to this program, you’ll get in touch with the Venus Community. This online community / forum gets you in touch with people similar to you, who had similar issues like yours and finally managed to get out of it. You can share your stories, experiences, diet free recipes etc. on this community with other women who are signed in.
  • Podcasts is yet another distinctive feature of this product. This is meant to be the motivational highlight of this program. Women who have had similar issues can share their experience and motivate others by their success stories.
  • Since the diet specified in the program is designed for women as their hormonal distribution is very different from that of men, it aims at providing a system which won’t give any side-effects. Other than that, Venus Factor promises higher energy levels and metabolism rate. It claims for permanent weight loss from all the right parts of the body.
  • This 12-week program offers 140 + exercises intended for burning fat. These exercises need to be done for just 3 times a week.
  • Various proven techniques like Fibonacci pyramids are given in the program.
  • Fat loss is in the targeted areas of a female body such as the thighs, hips, belly, waist etc.

Venus Index

As per the Venus Factor, there are certain norms to decide certain things. There are the decisive factors by which you will know what workout curriculum is to be followed and what category you fall into. By calculating these norms, you’ll be in the capacity to know the ideal condition of your body:


Height to Waist Ratio (HWR) – This term will help us know about what is the ideal waist size for any women. Since these factors vary for every person, HWR is one way to calculate every one’s ideal waist size. As per the HWR, the ideal waist should be 38% of your height. This number can simply be obtained by multiplying your height by 0.38. The height here should be measured in inches. For instance, if you are 5ft 9 inches tall i.e. 69 inches then your Height to Waist Ratio is 26.22 or simply 26.

Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) – With this term, the users will be guided about the ideal waist to hip ratio in the Venus Factor. This ratio is calculated by multiplying your waist circumference by 1.42. By the resulted number, you can get your ideal hip measurements.

Waist to Shoulder Ratio (WSR) – WSR is dedicated to achieve your ideal shoulder’s circumference. This factor is calculated by multiplying your ideal waist number with 1.618.

With these factors, you’ll get your ideal body figures and hence, you’ll know exactly what you’re aimed at.


  • First and foremost, it helps in regulating the amount of leptin. This is the hormone which is responsible for hunger. By this program, it is assured that women produce Leptin in lower qualities.
  • It is not merely a fat loss program. It promotes change in the personality. Along with the special diet plans and various workouts, you get a boost of motivation too. It makes you feel beautiful from your inner side.
  • This program is women specific. So, every minute thing is worked upon with keeping women into focus. Most of such programs are made for both men and women. But the physique for both of them differ by a great deal. You get women centric results here.
  • Pros of venus factor The product is really cost-effective. You’ll be getting a diet plan along with a number of video tutorials for the workouts. Not just that, you’ll be then an authorized member of the online community of the Venus Factor group which comes with its own perks. All of it under one package at such a rate is offered at quite a cheap rate here.
  • The workout regime given in the program are divided very well into different phases. These routines are easy and convenient to follow and pose no issues to anybody.
  • For every specific body type, there is a certain set of exercises given. Yes, you can evaluate and calculate these by given measuring standards provided by the program.
  • The Venus Factor has an excellent customer care service. Whenever you find any issues with the program, you can refer to their customer support system and you’ll be greeted with a quick response.
  • It is a risk free program. In case, you are somehow not satisfied with the results of this program, then you can simply refer to the 60 day money back guarantee that comes with this product. You can avail your 60 day refund and get the money back with no questions asked.
  • Women, via this program are taught remodeling their bodies and are encouraged to go for healthy eating and exercising. They are advised about healthy food habits, routine workout regimes, ways to control Leptin production etc. These tips and tricks prove themselves very helpful so as to maximize the energy levels and rejuvenate completely.
  • John Barban carries a respectable reputation with years of experience. A program coming from a man of such high standards is promising enough that it will be result oriented and will have positive impacts on the user.


  • The Venus Factor is based on exercises and workouts. So, anybody who have severe health issues can limit themselves to that.
  • This product is available only in the digital form. You need to have internet connection so as to download the program.
  • This program is only meant for women. If you are a man then this program is not for you.
  • Patience and determination are the key points of this program. You have to keep calm while following this program. One tends to run out of patience in the beginning of the program. But with each day passing, you’ll get visible results.
  • 100% dedication is needed with this program. You have to follow the instructions thoroughly to see the desired results.

Final Verdict

Well, time for taking some conclusions now. As per my review, I believe that the program Venus Factor has come up with a solution of losing weight, specifically tailored for women of all ages. This program include all the ethical keys including a balanced diet, workout regimes, lifestyle tips etc. Basically with this program, all that you would want will be available under one roof. The concept of short term goals and long term goals make it more convenient.

Buy_venus_factorClick here to buy venus factor

The program offers you a 60-day money back guarantee, which is enough of a proof for its reliability. So, if you want to lose those extra pounds off your body and get into a perfect shape making you look your best, The Venus Factor is the ideal program for you.

It won’t disappoint you. Just go for it. !!

Ideas For A Successful Weight Loss Plan

Offered the incredible quantity of advice on the subject, the procedure of slimming down could get extremely complicated. This write-up was composed by the professionals to give you the advice you need.Reducing your consumption of red meat can aid with your fat burning efforts. Red meat is not just bad for the health and wellness of your heart, but high in cholesterol and also hydrogenated fat. Replace red meat with leaner selections. Tuna, turkey, salmon as well as chicken are all reduced in fat and also calories.When attempting to shed weight, stock up on healthy treats

. Acquire on your own a large resealable container. Buy fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery and radishes. Prepare veggies and area ice and also water in a small container and location the vegetables inside the fridge. You currently have an easy as well as healthy and balanced snack food alternative!When you workout, aim to make use of tennis shoes that are soft with a solid padding. If you do not put forth the initiative to locate well-fitting footwears, you will certainly wind up with aching feet in addition to the muscle mass pains you are mosting likely to experience from boosted activity. The shoes do not have to cost a great deal; you simply have to make certain the shoes are an excellent fit.Try to decrease your stress. Anxiety makes way for temptation to eat foods that are poor for you.

It can be easier to focus on weight management goals and stay attentive if your life is without stress.Be realistic with your weight reduction objectives. Always have an objective that is achievable to decrease the possibility for failure.

For any kind of quantity of weight you prefer to shed, always offer on your own some breathing space with your goals. Rather, break your objective right into smaller sized chunks and have weekly goals that you could achieve. Aim to not take a look at the overall image, but rather concentrate on your once a week objectives. Instead, concentrate your initiatives on your regular goal.Walk up the staircases. Guide clear of elevators whatever. This is an outstanding cardio exercise and also can aid you slim down. Along with being healthy and balanced, you are most likely to shed some extra pounds. As soon as walking upstairs is easy, removal up to running, carefully.An excellent way to shed pounds is to jog on the coastline frequently. The sand on the beach includes resistance to your stride, triggering you to produce more initiative than if you were running on other types

of surfaces.Pause and also pause during dishes. In some cases your body may have a tough time establishing when it is full. Make it a habit to pause halfway via each meal. Take a min to truly assess your appetite level.

Adjust the amount you consume accordingly.One technique for reducing weight fast is to prepare healthy meals at house, when possible. The sections at restaurant can generally be a couple of times bigger compared to what you should consume in a solitary setup. It is also more difficult making the right health choices in restaraunts.Working out is very important in order to help with fat burning. It’s vital that you establish everyday exercise plans to avoid getting sidetracked from your weight loss goals. List the time on the calendar so you do not make various other plans.Don’t deprive yourself simply due to the fact that you are diet programs. Eat top notch food often. During a diet regimen, it is not tough to wind up consuming low cal foods that are not extremely nourishing. You could reduce weight, yet it will not be great for your health in the future.This recommendations can help you prosper with grow taller 4 idiots review weight

loss. Though there are numerous sources for weight-loss guidance readily available to you, this article gave you the pointers you need to drop pounds effectively.

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