Bonus and Discounts Offers – The Venus Factor Program

My name is Kelly and I’m here to let you know what benefits you can get from the Venus factor Program. This is a program which is specially designed for women which is a boon as a woman’s body always undergoes various kinds of internal changes. With this program, you will get to know and understand how you can tone your body and alter your eating habits so that it is healthier.

The Program Content

This Program is designed in such a way that during this time they eat the right kind of food in the right quantity along with the right kind of exercise. When I started the program, it was a little difficult considering I had to make a change in my eating habits as well as i had to start taking out the time from my schedule to make sure that I followed the program. The program consist of

  • 12 Week fat burning and muscle toning workout is designed specially to help woman burn their fat and tone their muscles at the same time.
  • 12 Week fat loss system which is a manual that will help you understand your body index and how do determine the right index for you.

Along with the program, the bonuses that are included are as follows

  • The Venus factor Workout which is valued at $297 comes along with this program and is absolutely free. In this you will get to see various kinds of workouts that are designed to target the different areas of the body.
  • The Venus factor Workout videos where in you have access to 143 videos which gives you all the coaching you would need.
  • The Venus factor Virtual Nutritionist who will help you understand the importance of right nutrition along with all the necessary information s that you get all the necessary nutrition that your body would need during your weight loss.
  • The Venus factor online community else known as Venus Immersion- in this you will get to connect to other members of the program and can always exchange your experiences and seek help when needed. You get to participate in various discussions and forums. You also get the benefit of getting the necessary guidance from John Barban himself.

The Benefit of Opting for this Program

With this program, you’ll get to know how to modify your diet correctly so that it can help you lose weight naturally. It shows you how to exercise the right way as well as targets all the problematic areas like the stomach, hips and thighs. These exercises kill the cellulite present in the body and tone the body muscles. In case you have any concerns and questions, you can always seek the help of other members as well as seek guidance from John himself.


For those women who are not satisfied with the product or in any way have not found any kind of difference, this program offers a  60 day money back guarantee of the entire amount that has been paid, You get a 100% refund.

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