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Leptin Diet Guide for Beginner of Venus Factor Program

LEPTINHave you ever wondered for what can be the possible reason for hunger? There must be something biologically which is responsible for triggering off that hunger element in our bodies. Well, the answer to satisfy such curiosities is a hormone named Leptin. Leptin is basically a hormone in the body which is entirely responsible for emergence of the hunger and satiety feelings. This hormone is secreted by cells and hence is held responsible for one’s appetite. Continue reading

Venus Factor 1200 Calorie Diet And Complete Meal Plan

The Venus Factor 1200 Calorie DietJohn Barban introduced this program called Venus Factor designed specifically for women. The 180-page e-book has emerged as an immediate solution for weight loss for women. The program includes workout regimes, nutrition programs and specific diet plans tailored for women in particular. The program doesn’t promote itself as a weight loss program but aims at bringing women to their best shape. Continue reading