Leptin Diet Guide for Beginner of Venus Factor Program

LEPTINHave you ever wondered for what can be the possible reason for hunger? There must be something biologically which is responsible for triggering off that hunger element in our bodies. Well, the answer to satisfy such curiosities is a hormone named Leptin. Leptin is basically a hormone in the body which is entirely responsible for emergence of the hunger and satiety feelings. This hormone is secreted by cells and hence is held responsible for one’s appetite.

People have this fallacy that the changes in weight mainly takes place due to the calorie intake. But then with the latest researches conducted, it has been found out that it is this hormone called leptin that is the taskmaster for all. So, the relation follows up as higher the Leptin levels, more will be the weight of the person.

It is with these Leptin researches that many nutritionists and dietitians now prescribe diets based on the Leptin consumption and ways for how to narrow down the production of this hormone in the body.

If you have been trying hard to shed those extra pounds off your body and after all the efforts you have made are in vain then most probably you have Leptin resistance. There is a specific Leptin diet which makes sure that your weight stays under control and the amount of Leptin is maintained in the body. The fact is that overweight people have a lot of Leptin in their bodies but that is not able to reach the brains. By the action of this hormone, it is pretty much a possibility that the craving for hunger gets lessen up and weight loss takes place at faster pace.

Leptin production in the body is directly proportional to the fatness level of a person. So, an obese person automatically has enough Leptin in the body to control hunger cravings and overcome that over eating factor. This obesity related hormone not only affect the physical side of a person but also affects the physiological side too. Appearance and looks becomes a criteria of judgements of one’s personality. Hence, it is essential that it is well taken care of.


There are various factors that affect the leptin resistance. These factors being tension, lack of rest and sleep, overeating, high insulin levels, carb consumption etc. These factors add up to the Leptin resistance and gears up the weight levels.

Leptin diets have a lot to offer. They can help with the variations in the weight. Here are some features of this Leptin diet –

  • You should not eat after dinner. In the evening, this hormone works at its highest potential. Eating in evening might create hindrance in its work and ends up disturbing the overall balance of the body.
  • You should rather encourage yourself to go for the smaller meals. Having large meals at a time might work against your body and can pose a problem with digestion and other processes.
  • The level of carbohydrate consumption needs to be controlled. Once the carbs consumption level gets to its minimal, the body would work just well and fats will be controlled on its own.
  • The ideal breakfast needs to have protein as an essential element in it.
  • The fibre quantity to be eaten around 30 to 50 grams of each day.
  • Beverages such as iced tea, coffee etc. should be taken more often so as to reduce the calorie intake in the body.

Leptin Diet proves itself very helpful in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is something advised for every woman.

Go for it!