My Journey with Venus Factor Program

Here is an honest article sent by one of my close friends. Lets have a look at her personal experience.

Name  Lilly
Age 21
Duration of problem  :  3 years

“I always wanted to have a slim and trim figure. But unfortunately I was suffering from obesity. I had tried almost everything to get rid of it. But I failed to achieve my desired body shape. I did not understand how to control my body weight. I was in pain and feeling helpless.”

Explore the Journey

Hello, I am Lilly, staying with my family in New York.

Real Venus Factor UserI had always been an overweight child, had the double chin in school. My flabby fat body was something completely different than my personality and the kind of person I actually am. Being called hurtful nicknames in school and college, like ‘fatty’ was a regular thing with me and I had almost given up feeling bad about myself. I was never popular with the boys either, because they only wanted to date the skinny girls with almost like “ball point pen shaped figure”, and mine was completely the reversed of that.

Amongst my best of friends still I was an outsider just because of my weight problem. Having extra mass that moved independently of my body frame was slowly eating my life away. I had almost stopped going out of my home apart from going to the office and had given up all kinds of social interactions because I just could not take it anymore.

Moreover, shopping for me was a nightmare, never being able to buy the kind of dresses that I have always wished I could wear. I knew that the employees at my local fashion store laughed every time I went there behind my back or when I went to try a dress on. Like most women, I also wanted to enjoy shopping. Being able to buy nice things makes every person happy, especially women, no denying that. But in my case I could never buy the things I wanted to, I had to always restrict my choice of clothing to what would fit me or may be make me appear thinner, than what would look pretty on me or what I want to wear.

I was desperate to try anything available that would actually help me with my fat problem. I was tired of being the self-pitying soul that I had turned into from a happy-go-lucky who was somewhat the life of every party.

Freaked Out??

My family was always supporting enough, but somehow I was not able to accept the fact. I was depressed.

Did it affect My Life?

Going to a party or meeting a friend used to stress me out even more so, the only thing that would ring in mind is that, “What should I wear to the party so that I don’t look funny?” And taking picture or selfies was something I always remained shy of. Why? Because I did not like the way I looked in them. So I never wanted to go outside and preferred to stay in my room. I was very upset.

When Venus Factor Program entered the Picture!!

One day one of my friends said that she came across this great diet program designed specifically for weight loss in women called the Venus Factor Program. Initially like all the other diet plans and weight loss regimes that I had wasted my money on, I thought this might also be a total sham. So I researched about it on the internet, but I was surprised to find very few negative reviews about this program, everything was perfect. It was nothing but an ultimate ray of hope for us. Two days later, I ended up buying the product.

Explore Venus Factor Program

Venus Factor program, written by John Barban who conducted several years of research and is a recognized name in the world of health and nutrition from the University of Florida. The most surprisingly different thing I found with this program is it does not ask you to deprive yourself. You do not have to sweat your hours away at the gym, or stay away from all your favorite foods. This diet program does not really ask you to go on a strict diet eating tasteless, flavorless foods.

There are quite a number of things included in the Venus Factor program package that would work to make your weight loss regime as comfortable as possible with maximized results that would be permanent.

The first thing and the most important one in this package is the Essential Fat Loss Diet – guide book. this book unlike several others actually explains the physiological concepts behind your body weight and metabolism and enables you to understand how you can lose weight by regulating a hormone called Leptin which is closely related to weight gain in women. Another thing is the 12 weeks workout program that comes with this program and a Virtual Nutritionist Software App that helps to keep a count of calories and also tells you the right amount of calories appropriate for your body.

Click here to buy Real Venus Factor

Click here to buy Venus Factor

My life is changed within a few days. Now I love shopping and I feel great about myself.

Thanks to the Venus Factor.