Venus Factor 1200 Calorie Diet And Complete Meal Plan

The Venus Factor 1200 Calorie DietJohn Barban introduced this program called Venus Factor designed specifically for women. The 180-page e-book has emerged as an immediate solution for weight loss for women. The program includes workout regimes, nutrition programs and specific diet plans tailored for women in particular. The program doesn’t promote itself as a weight loss program but aims at bringing women to their best shape.

Other than the workouts prescribed by the e-book, there is a specific diet and meal plan offered too. The Venus Factor gives a 1200 Calorie Diet and a complete diet meal plan with the e-book. Before you start with the whole process of attaining those nutritional food habits, you got to get rid of that extra fat clinging to your body. A perfect and balanced diet is what an ideal weight loss program must include and this program via its 1200 calorie diet and meal plan does that.

Here are a few facts about the diet plan introduced by the Venus factor –

  • The Venus factor makes sure that food items such as sugar, fat, high calorie beverages, artificial sweeteners etc. is to be avoided throughout.
  • Venus Factor uses the concept of BMR so as to know for how many calories are to be burn each day. This factor called BMR varies for everyone with height and weight.
  • The users will be provided with a meal plan as well. It helps the users to decide the number of calories intake in their plans so as to break up the meals conveniently.
  • Not only does it advice the readers about the regulation of calories in their food but also enlightens them with how these calories are actually burnt. As per the studies, it has been revealed that the heart and the kidney each burns 200 calories per day and the brain burns around 110 calories per day.

All the people who associate themselves with the diet and exercise plans offered by the Venus factor need to work on their daily calorie intake and need to encourage healthy food habits.

For this, there is a specific guide as well which instructs the following:

  • The usage of sugar and other artificial sweeteners need to reach at the minimal level.
  • Beverages which are high on calorie composition need to be cut from regular dietary habits.
  • The amount of carbohydrates in the food need to be controlled.
  • A reverse Taper protocol is introduced so as to make the diet suitable enough for your body type with fat burning ability.
  • With the Venus factor 1200 calorie Diet and complete meal plan, you’ll be given all the information required. It recommends a 12-hour overnight fasting as well. This relates to the Leptin consumption in the body.
  • It will let you resist the temptations of eating food and improve on your willpower for eating. This way, the calories consumption and the Leptin factor is taken care of very well.

This program is highly recommended for all those women who are looking for an absolute solution to shed off those extra pounds and get back in their ideal shape and figure. John Barban’s Venus 1200 calories diet and complete meal plan explains every bit of what you eat in detail and enlightens you with what should be the ideal food habits followed by women for a healthier lifestyle.